Maters in metal sheeting

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Aldonk professionals all have the knowledge and skills to provide high quality metal sheeting solutions in a short period of time. We also educate tomorrow’s professionals. Furthermore, we select our employees based on the level of service they are able to provide: the client comes always first at Aldonk.

Steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Steel, stainless steel and aluminium hold no secrets for our professionals. Each and every one of them is a metal worker in heart and soul that gets a lot of freedom for personal development in the workplace.



Aldonk loves custom work. As true enthusiasts, our hearts start to beat faster when we can create something special: unique metal sheeting products and specialised machines that require all of our knowledge and creativity to deliver a perfect product in the end. Our flexible process is arranged in such a way that we can deliver custom products in a short period of time.


With the utmost dedication we create (semi-finished) products. Oxidation treatment and passivation we do in-house, but we outsource other treatments, such as powder coating, wet coating, (hot-dip) galvanisation and anodising.


The metal sheeting engineers of Aldonk like to think along with you about your idea or design. Based on their knowledge, they know what adjustment to propose that benefit the result. They visualise their ideas in a 3D CAD system (Inventor) in order for you to see the concept in a transparent and practical way. Digital communication is possible through STP-files.

NEN 1090-1 certification welding coordinators

Craftsmanship requites quality testing. We strictly monitor our processes internally, but our organisation is often examined by independent authorities. Our professionals regularly take classes and educate themselves to keep their knowledge at the highest level. Aldonk is NEN 1090 certified up to performance class 2 for steel, aluminium and stainless steel constructions, with in-house welding coordinators.

On-site working

Not only in the Aldonk factory we deliver perfect work. Our professionals gladly travel to your site to finish and deploy the new product. We frequently visit ships: first to take measurements and then to install the new product. Later on, we can we’re available for repairs when needed. We also provide maintenance to metal sheet solutions around the globe.

“Metal sheeting requires custom work.”

Cornelis Goud, Metal worker