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Aldonk works for any client that matches their energy level. Through the years our professionals specialised themselves through study and experience. Our clients operate in marine and offshore, industry and machine building.


For years, we produce (semi-finished) products for the marine and offshore industry that can resist the tough circumstances at sea. We are specialised in client-specific enclosed control panels, measured to the millimetre and custom-built. In these unique forms and constructions lies the strength of our professionals.  View references


Aldonk provides full-service solutions for machine and device building, from development to on-site deployment. We work on complete machine setups, provide metal sheeting for machine builders and metal processing companies and create specials for industrial control panel enclosures. Many of our clients operate in the petrochemical, packaging and food industry. We process stainless steel in our own stainless steel production facility, making it immune to surface rust. View references

“Challenge us with a unique metal sheeting solution for a specific location.”

Nick de Ruiter, Metal worker and welding coordinator